With the help of expert Mixologist Francesco Lombardi we have created a deliciously sweet cocktail using our Passion Star DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets. Perfect for International Waffle Day which takes place on Monday 25th March each year.

Our cold infusion pockets are great on their own in Gin, Vodka and Tonic but for those of you who like to try your hand at Mixology at home you can create some more complex flavours by using them in a cocktail. Why not give this a go at home.

25ml Real McCoy Infused with DJs Passion Star (infuse for 10 minutes)
10ml Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka
10ml Giffard Abricot Du Roussillon
10ml Monin Gomme Syrup
10ml Elderflower Cordial
75ml Spiced Clarified Milk

Garnish: Baby’s breath flower
Glass: Rocks
Ice: Clear Ice Cube
Method: Place all the ingredients in the mixing glass, still the drink shortly, then pour it in the rocks glass, over a clear ice block