Looking for a really cool gift idea for a friend who loves trying new tipples? Well, a cold infusion could be the answer.

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you imagine a cold infusion? A cure for those sniffles and sneezes perhaps? Or the way to make a deliciously refreshing cold drink on a warm summer’s day?

Did you know that it’s actually a term for a cold drink made in exactly the same way as you might make a cup of tea, but here the botanicals and flavours from a special type of teabag infuse slowly into your alcoholic spirit or non-alcoholic mixer to give it a unique taste and flavour.

So you’ve learnt what are cold infusion bags (the cousin of the traditional British teabag), that they’re not only for soft drinks (although they taste great in these too), and they’re a great way to add a whole host of flavour to an alcoholic drink.

A cold infusion is made even more special when used with a quality spirit such as D1 Potato Vodka or D1 London Gin which allows the flavours of the pocket to perfectly infuse in the same way as you might let the flavours of a cup of tea take their time to bloom.

And then it’s time to choose one of our six types of  DJ’s cold infusion pockets…

Our cold infusion pockets come in a range of flavours which will bring delightful taste and colour to spirits or mixers, whether you like your cocktail alcoholic or non alcoholic.

Choose from the following flavours:

No. 1 – Stirring Botanicals – a delicious blend of gin and vermouth botanicals which include elderberries, burdock root, juniper berries , liquorice root, coriander seeds, dandelion leaves, honeybush, elderflower, allspice berry, cardamom, hibiscus, apple pieces, fermented lemon peel, rosehip and orange peel. If you’re looking for gin ideas for a special gift you must check this out – a gin lovers’ paradise!

No. 2 – Rooibos Spice – fruity rounded and rugged with flavours of South African rooibos and five spices

No. 3 – Blooming Blossoms – gentle apricot-peach notes of osmanthus, balanced by the heady perfume of jasmine flowers for a taste of the Orient

No. 4 – Summer Equinox – a perfect balance of summer’s ripest fruits and most fragrant flowers including hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip, lemon verbena, freeze-dried raspberry, freeze-dried strawberry

No. 5 – Passion Star – based on the passion fruit and vanilla origins of the stunning Porn Star Martini, this infusion contains a marvellous combination of apple pieces, rosehip, freeze-dried passionfruit, hibiscus, lemongrass, vanilla pieces and orange peel

No. 6 – Orange Osmosis – deliciously orangey flavour, the colour of wild poppies, with ingredients including orange peel, apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, lime peel, lime leaves and safflower

Remember to allow the pocket to infuse the spirit with its flavours before adding your mixer, or, for a non alcoholic drink, let the pocket infuse a third of your tonic or soda, before adding the rest.

For stirring excellence, equip yourself with a specially-designed patented DJ’s Pocket Spoon. Made of high quality stainless steel, and also available in a copper-plated finish, this helps to provide a solution to the age-old problem with the tea bag; that, when stirred, the tag pulls into your drink.  It also makes the cold infusions a smashing gift idea.

Our infusion pockets and tag fit to the spoon like a hand to a glove. The pocket is retained at the bottom of your drink where its function to infuse the magic of flavour is best carried out and the longer you leave it, the more intense the flavour.

With our special introductory offer you can pick up a free spoon with every purchase of one box.