DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets are designed to bring the most complex cocktail flavours to the most exquisite of spirits and mixers, without the need for a Masters in Mixology.

Each blend is a finely balanced hand blended mix of pure botanicals, with everything nature intended and no added or artificial colour or sweetener.

For those who know how to make a cracking cup of tea, cold infusion pockets offer the chance to make a sumptuous alcoholic or virgin cocktail in pretty much the same way. Ingenious, right? But, that’s not all.

Everyone has different tastes and flavours which delight them when it comes to their favourite tipple, from sweet to sour, floral to spicy, so we curated a range of six blends to suit every season and tantalise every taste.

Here’s a guide to what to expect when you stir one of our DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets into your favourite spirit, tonic or soda to create vibrant colour and flavour.

Summer is on its way with the Summer Equinox

Those who like fruity flavours to go for Summer Equinox, a perfect balance of summer’s ripest fruits and most fragrant flowers which burst with flavour. Enjoy a drink infused with the tastes of hibiscus, apple, raspberries and strawberries – it’s a delicious addition to a glass of prosecco, or when left to infuse with a shot of vodka for a while, before topping up with soda or lemonade.

The sweetness of the Passion Star

An indulgent pairing of passionfruit and vanilla come together in our Passion Star cold infusion pockets. The flavour tastes delicious on its own when infused with vodka and then topped with soda water, but go that step further by adding a splash of freshly squeezed lime or orange and you’ve got the flavours of the iconic Porn Star Martini. All you need is a shot of prosecco on the side.

Blooming Blossoms bring the flavour of the Orient

The DJ’s cold infusion pockets creators tried countless infusions of blossoms before deciding on the gentle apricot-peach notes of osmanthus, balanced by the heady perfume of jasmine flowers. In addition to the exquisite flavour, these pockets have a healthy note of Chinese green tea added to them – which is renowned for its health benefits, thanks to a powerful combination of disease fighting antioxidants.

Stirring Botanicals are Number 1

Stir a measure of gin or vodka over ice with a delicious blend of gin and vermouth botanicals which make up the DJ’s Stirring Botanicals cold infusion pocket and you’ll have a perfect dry martini every time.  For those who love the taste of gin, the blend intensifies the flavour, or if you just want to add it to a quality tonic water it gives it the refreshing taste of gin and tonic but without any of the alcohol. A perfect gift idea for gin lovers.

Amazing Orange Osmosis

Ever heard of the colour Coquelicot? This dark and vibrant shade of red is thought to be the colour of wild poppies. It’s the shade of our Orange Osmosis cold infusion pocket which combines, not only the fragrant flavours of orange peel, but also hibiscus, rosehips, apples and limes in the mix to give a light and refreshing drink which is perfect with a vodka and tonic on a spring or summer’s day.

Rooibos Spice for some winter warmth

Moving away from the floral botanicals and fragrant fruity flavours, Rooibos Spice offers the rugged fruity and spicy flavours of South African rooibos (or redbush) – made famous by the unique tea which carries the same name. Here you’ll find the rooibos mixed into the pocket with a blend of five spices – cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, peppercorns and cloves to give a truly warming taste.

So, which one sounds most up your street? Or how about trying them all to find out?

Remember to allow the pocket to infuse the spirit with its flavours before adding your mixer, or for a non alcoholic drink, let the pocket infuse a third of your tonic or soda, before adding the rest.